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Supported APIs:

  • addr - returns the full address having the given firstbits.
  • addressbalance - amount ever received minus amount ever sent by a given address.
  • addresstohash - shows the public key hash encoded in an address.
  • checkaddress - checks an address for validity.
  • decode_address - shows the version prefix and hash encoded in an address.
  • fb - returns an address's firstbits.
  • getblockcount - shows the current block number.
  • getdifficulty - shows the last solved block's difficulty.
  • getreceivedbyaddress - shows the amount ever received by a given address.
  • getsentbyaddress - shows the amount ever sent from a given address.
  • hashpubkey - shows the 160-bit hash of the given public key.
  • hashtoaddress - shows the address with the given version prefix and hash.
  • nethash - shows statistics about difficulty and network power.
  • totalbc - shows the amount of currency ever mined.
  • translate_address - shows the address in a given chain with a given address's hash.

API (machine-readable pages)

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